Day 44 – Humor

I got to spend a few more hours with my niece this morning.  I am working from home so that I can go and vouch for the fact that Garbanzo and I are still married and show there is no parental strife, so that they will renew my daughter’s passport.  I guess they changed the rules to reduce the risk of one parent getting a passport than taking the child out of the country without the knowledge of the other parent.  While I find the change important, I find it annoying that both parents have to be physically present to get it renewed.  (The other choices is a notarized form – about as convenient really.) 

I was kind of disappointed really.  I am an early riser and was looking forward to snagging my niece if she was up, so that my brother and SIL could get some sleep.  She slept until about 8am.  I still got to play with her.  And take pictures of her.

Like this one – where she has rabies:

No, really – she has rabies.  It is a stuffed microbe of what rabies looks like.  She loved Rabies.  She loved it so much, that my SIL wants more.  Really, we just want to say things like “hey, look, she has herpes” or “wow, she has the black plague again?”.  Our family really isn’t right in the head.  I have to admit it.

Want your own microbe?  This is where I got rabies.

What do you think?

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