Day 40 – Favorite Shirt

I guess I wouldn’t classify this as a shirt per say, more of a jacket.  Regardless, my daughter DJ loves it.  I refashioned it for her out of a weird men’s shirt I found at a thrift store.  I was looking for funky shirts to remake into dresses for the girls.  I found the idea from some site I came across one day, and found it was pretty easy when I made a dress for Indigo out of an old western shirt.  Once I got it home, I realized what a pain in the ass polyester was to sew; so I decided to take another tact. 

Let me back up a second and explain my approach to sewing.  When I decided to give it a try after not having done it since 7th grade home ec, my approach was “if I can rip apart and rebuild computer systems, I can figure out how to sew – how hard can it be.”  First off, I am not patient.  Something that is highly technical with lots of steps – not me.  My first project was to make DJ a cloak for her Halloween costume.  After cutting out all of the pieces, I decided some of the steps were unnecessary and sewed it together as I thought it should be done.  It worked.   Have I mentioned I don’t follow directions well?

Refashioning things is more my pace.  It takes creativity and problem solving – two things I definitely have.  I cannot claim responsibility for coming up with this jacket.  I found the idea off of a webcast called Threadbanger.  I followed the basic premise.   Regardless of where the idea came from, DJ lives in the thing.  

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  1. That is totally cool. Great job. =)

    I always have cool ideas in my head for things to do with clothes. I can draw them out easily. When it comes to physically being able to cut, sew and put things together though? I fail a little bit, lol.

  2. Emmy says:

    AR – That’s why I take something that is already made – and simply modify it. It is a MUCH easier process and is about my patience level 😉

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