Day 38 – A Saturday

Every Saturday, we get up early and take DJ to her “Extreme Team” taekwondo practice.  Today was no exception.  I usually try to take pictures, but can’t because of the numerous parents who hang out watching.  (Practice is an hour and a half, so some parent usually leave to run errands.)

Indigo loves it when no one is there:

She really, REALLY hopes next year she will be invited.  We have already been told that DJ will get an invite because of how well she’s doing.  Indigo has a lot of growing up to do to be invited.  This is a pretty elite group.  No one messes around, and, well, Indigo is six.

I also love how tough DJ gets during these sessions.  I love the strength she exudes.  I love her strategy in how to intimidate her opponent or mislead them.  This is why I wanted my girls to find a sport they loved.  While you can get some of these lessons in other parts of life, I personally found the sports ones stuck with me longer.

But, I will have to say, her gear reeks!  And the two people dressed in black in the background – they are brother and sister.  Both are teenagers (17 and 15, I think), and they run this dojang every Saturday.  While the masters may come in to teach and lead, they are the ones that make this happen.   Great role models for the kids.

One the way home, we were stopped behind this car….and I decided I wanted this bumper sticker…

It would be interesting to have talked to the owner.  Is it a response to the religious bumper stickers warning of judgement day – or is it a commentary on society as a whole?  I would like to think it is the latter….a day without anyone judging anyone else would be great. 

What do you think?

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