Day 36 – The Funny Guy

When we unpacked the kitchen after the remodel last year, I was so happy we had cabinet space that made sense.  I just made this simple mistake …. letting the tall guy, the guy who is almost a foot taller than I am, decide where the plates should go…


Yes, the plates are on the top shelf.  His rationale was that the girls should be able to reach the glasses, and the bowls could fall if precariously balanced on the top shelf.  I know the truth – he just likes chuckling at me when I have to get the step stool (the one we bought for the kids) just to get a plate. I chuckle more when I make him put away the dishes.

I hate to admit this though – there really isn’t another good place for the plates….. damn my genetics!

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  1. lol but I’d kill for cabinets like that! I’m short too. My plates are on the middle shelf and I get the kids’ drinks. 😛 But glasses are on the bottom shelf of another cabinet.

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