Day 32 – Sin on a Plate

And I’m not talking about me 🙂

These are what we affectionately refer to as “crack cookies”.  They got their name after Garbanzo made them and gave some to a friend who had a four year old.  The four year old got ahold of them in the car and ate 4 of these monster cookies.  She was up all night.  The next day our friend asked what was in those “crack cookies”.  
Well, white chocolate chips, milk chocolate,  dark chocolate chips and cocoa.  So basically a shit load of chocolate.
Until last night, we never made them with the ganache on top.  The recipe calls for it, but Gabanzo usually skips it…..until last night.
These cookies have been calling to me from the fridge all day.  So far, i haven’t had any…..but I will tonight…. I told Gabanzo we are freezing the rest of them.  Hopefully they make it to the chest freezer in the basement. 

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  1. shit load of chocolate. hmm, sounds like a great quote!

  2. Those sound good. Sign me up!

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