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This week has been an odd one. Not necessarily odd good or odd bad…just odd.

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On to my week….

Indigo, our 6-year-old, has had a bad week at school. We were really hoping it was just behavior we were seeing at home, but not the case. Her teacher, a woman who has been teaching forever & who was a bartender in Eugene during the filming of Animal House and served John Belushi, found the Hubby after school to talk about her behavior. For our kids, this is the downside of your dad teaching at the school you are attending. If you are in trouble, your parent will know – immediately.

Indigo is not following directions in the classroom. Again, we are not shocked because we have this issue at home. I guess yesterday, she grabbed the Hubby’s Allen wrench set and took it to school. She kept playing with it despite being told to put it in her bag. It was eventually confiscated and returned to the Hubby. Her punishment is no TV, computer, or Wii until we get a solid week of good reports from her teacher. I’ve been noticing lately that when she is “plugged in”, she is a pain in the ass to get to do anything. And, she’s a jerk about it. We’ll see how this goes.

Also, in Indigo news, she lost a tooth yesterday. And, being the great parents we are, we forgot about the tooth fairy. Right as the Hubby is getting ready to wake them up, he remembers. In our house, the tooth fairy brings a little trinket or toy or something small. No cash – mainly because we never have any on us and they will just spend it on junk. Thankfully, I remembered I had a small box of presents. We found something perfect, and the Hubby pulled off the tooth fairy with a slight of hand. What’s ironic about this is the fact a week ago, Indigo was telling her older sister how there was no tooth fairy; it was us. I thought DJ was going to cry. We talked our way out of it, DJ was happy, and the tooth fairy was restored. Thank God! I was not ready for it to end yet. It’s fun surprising the kids.

Work has been calmer this week. So far, we have not had any major systems failures or anything. We still have a few lingering issues we are trying to resolve. And, overall, the users are quiet. Either that means they are happy or they have given up.

In talking with my boss, the CIO, she is at wits end like I am. I guess she has been having some pretty good battles about these failures at an executive level. As I told her, I am glad those are talks she is having because I am pretty well done with listening to how much I don’t understand. In the last two months, I have been checking systems around the clock during the nights, weekends, and days off. Most of these guys accusing me of “not understanding”, bitch and moan – then go home where they don’t think about it until the next business day. Yet, I don’t care or understand. We also had a good talk about accountability and the lack there of in this company. I gave her my accountability ladder – and I think she will be presenting it to the CEO tomorrow. Like me, she found a lot of explanation as to why we are meeting obstacles. Should be interesting.

We have to get DJ a new passport this upcoming week.  My in-laws are in Mexico teaching and are hellbent on getting at least DJ down to see them.  So, for spring break, DJ and the Hubby are making the trek.  I will spend some good 1×1 time with Indigo.  I’m just happy that DJ had a passport that expired because it will make getting a new one a bit easier.  It’s just a matter of taking off early to do it and making sure I have cash since they don’t accept anything else.

My brother N is coming up next weekend.  I don’t know how January became visit Emmy month, but we have not had a weekend without visitors this month.  N’s girlfriend is going to attending her best friend’s wedding. N is not a fan of the best friend.  He wants to build out his portfolio of recipes for interviews and will be using our kitchen (and my photography skills) to do it.  It will be fun.

Tomorrow night is the school carnival.  Should be fun….and crazy.  Thankfully we can’t stay for the entire thing.  DJ has taekwondo bright and early Saturday morning.  I love having that as an excuse.  Without it, we will be there until late in the night and get roped into everything.  The joys of being a parent as well as a teacher’s wife….

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  1. My 6 years ols has been having trouble in school too, but we are really working hard with him on this.

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