The testing that would never end…

Tonight is testing night for both of the girls. DJ tested for her blue belt, and Indigo tested for her orange. Notice I used the past tense. They are both done, but the results won’t be given until everyone is done. We know indigo already passed. They thankfully let the younger belts go. But everyone else has to wait.

I don’t mind waiting. There are some pretty spectacular kids we get to see. But, (and you knew there was a but), this started at 6pm. Most kids barely ate before getting here- and I should mention it is after 8pm now.

Thankfully for my kids there is not school tomorrow. Garbanzo has an inservice day, so I get to sleep in with the girls. But most of the other kids aren’t that lucky. They go to school in the neighboring district.

But I am thankful for technology. I can blog and send inappropriate text messages to Garbanzo who ended up on the other side of the room from me. So I guess it isn’t all bad. We get two hours of messaging foreplay out of it.

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  1. i love when i can do that to john.. you lil mink you!! next time they test for belts. let me know. i want to come. i live down the street!

  2. Hubman says:

    Don’t you just love technology? ASM and I sometimes flirt like that when we’re both home, sometimes even in the same room, on separate laptops!

    And congrats to the girls!!

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