Yesterday I told the Hubby that I was going to change then work out.  I had been feeling like crap and decided to try the exercise route since nothing else had worked.  Our bedroom is off our living room, so I walked in shutting the door behind me.  But the door didn’t shut because he had followed me into the room “to help”.  He shut the door and pushed me onto the bed as we started making out – while he was helping me undress for working out.

Things were getting pretty hot until we heard someone come into the door.  We both exclaimed “one second” just as our 6-year old Indigo flung the door open.

I asked her if she had knocked.
“No.  I just want a hug.”
“I don’t care what you need.  You need to knock before coming into our room.”
“But I need a hug.”

I should point out that I am not a heartless bitch where my children are concerned – this tactic “I need a hug/kiss/to-tell-you-I-love-you” is her most recent attempt at diverting our attention when she’s in trouble.  This tactic was becoming a pretty major problem lately as she thinks a hug means she gets out of trouble.

“You need to knock before coming into the room.  Then you need to wait for us to say ‘come in’ before opening the door.”

Thankfully it was our daughter who makes noise wherever she goes.  Our older daughter DJ is part ninja.  Neither one of us can figure out how she can get down the old stairs making no noise.  The cats can’t even do it.She has scared the crap out of us many times.  We contemplated making her wear a bell at night so that we at least have some warning she is coming.  Let’s just say, you move quick when you hear a child’s voice.  It is the only thing that has saved her from seeing too much.

So, this weekend, we will be finding locks.  We actually have two doors into our bedroom which creates a double problem.  The Hubby wants locks for the bathrooms too. This scares me a bit right now given Indigo’s history of playing in the bathroom.  We need a bit more parental control over the access.

It amuses me that child-proofing doesn’t stop the older the kids get – it just changes flavors, so to speak.

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  1. Ronald10021 says:

    A very true and very funny story.

  2. Locking the door is important. We have had PP walk in on us.

    Thankfully she is too young to scar for life at this point.

  3. Hubman says:

    Locks are a very good thing. Take it from me, though- you actually have to fully close the door AND lock it for them to be effective. Yeah, we’ve failed to do that before…

    Don’t worry about putting locks on bathroom or bedroom doors. Those kinds of locks come with a pin/key of some type so that mommy or daddy can rescue a child who manages to lock themselves in the room and can’t get out. Look at the ‘outside’ of one of those locks- you’ll see a small diameter keyhole. Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Emmy says:

    Our challenge is the age of our house…it’s almost 100 years old with many of the original fixtures and doors. Getting something that installs well and doesn’t screw up the moldings will be the key. It’s a blessing and a curse of the old house.

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