Getting to Know You

Here’s a fact I believe I missed in my various lists about me:

I am one of ……35 grandchildren on my mom’s side of the family.

At least, i don’t think there are any more than 35.  I’ve kind of lost track to be honest.

My mom was raised in a good Catholic family born to farmers.  German immigrant farmers to be more specific. 

My mom is one of nine kids.  Her youngest sibling is the same age as my oldest cousin.  And, I cannot recall how old the youngest cousin is. 

We were the black sheep of the family – my mom married a non-Catholic.  So, I really never got to know but a few of my cousins.  I know the upper quarter since I am in that group, but very few I knew well.

Until now.

Thank you Facebook.

I am now connected with cousins I haven’t seen since they were 10.  Heck, I’m even “friends” with a couple of wives of cousins that I have never met.  Are we really getting to know each other?  Not really.  I think I am the odd ball…the circus side show in their world that doesn’t really extend outside of Iowa.  I think this fulfills their voyeuristic side – they can go to family gatherings and act like they know what’s going on in my life. 

If they only knew….

Many of my cousins are refered to by our family as the “inbreds”.  My mom’s family is so huge overall that none of us are convinced some of our aunts or uncles haven’t accidentally married relatives.  The last funeral of a great uncle that I attended (or was forced to attend by my mom – how my brothers got out of it is beyond me) the reception was held in the gym of the Catholic school.  And it was packed.  And we were related to EVERYONE.

My dad and I were introduced to each and every one of them.  Later if I asked my dad who someone was, he would admit he had no idea.  He just pretends.  It’s how he has gotten through the marriage.  Doesn’t help me, Dad.

We tease my mom all of the time that she had to leave the county to find my dad because it was safer.  She usually yells at us for saying that as my dad silently laughs behind her. 

The first year my sister-in-law attended a family Christmas with that side of the family, she decided next year, she would bring a box of condoms for the annual Christmas exchange.   A few hours amongst them made it clear to her that they should stop breeding.  Garbanzo has had the same feeling.

Thanks to Facebook, I can now follow the family antics from far, far away.  And, I don’t have to pretend I know who they are – or at least I don’t in person.  I’m a horrible liar in person.  Ahh…technology is good.

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  1. Dana says:

    And to think, I blogged about the evils of Facebook today!

    I guess it’s all about perception …

  2. Emmy says:

    Dana –
    I truly have a love-hate relationship with social networking sites. If we were talking about My Space, I would agree it is evil. This post was intended to highlight one of the humorous/annoying part of social networking.

  3. doggybloggy says:

    your comment on danas blog lured me over here….especially the fiction analogy….well put.

  4. Emmy says:

    Doggybloggy – Thanks for coming by! Glad I could lure you here. 🙂

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