Day 3 – 18 Month Projects

This picture represents the end of our “rebuild the front steps” project. 
18 Months ago, the Hubby and I decided we needed to rebuild the steps leading up to our front porch.  We own a house that was built in 1917, so things like this one are pretty common.  The previous owners who did a lot of “interesting”projects had clearly rebuilt them before we purchased the house in 1999.  But, like most of their projects, it was a project they should have left to a professional.   We purchased the house from a gay couple who moved back to this area to help care for one of the men’s grandmothers.  She had love this house having lived across the street for year, so they purchased it and rehabbed it.  One was an architect, and we heard from him that he loved projects around the house.  I wish he didn’t.  In some cases, like with the steps, the project was more like putting lipstick on a pig.  Yes, it made it look a bit nicer, but underneath, it was still a pig.  
Anyway, we undertook the rebuilding of the steps one weekend, and it was going extremely well.  The kids were helping, I was having fun with the cordless drill.  And, we had unearthed a lot of interesting stuff under the porch.  The final step to completing the project – putting the house numbers on one of the kick boards.  Yep, we finished it today.  What we both found interesting was how the lack of house numbers never prevented anyone from delivering anything to us.  Mail still came, packages were still delivered, and people were still able to find our house. 
Now, we can officially cross “rebuild the front steps” off of the “to-do list”.
 Yeah, this is why we avoid doing projects ourselves.  They may be fun, but they never get done in a reasonable time frame.  Except for the back fence, but keeping the dogs in the yard was a powerful motivator.

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  1. garbonzo says:

    does this mean I don’t have to put the hand-rails back up?

  2. Emmy says:

    Crap! Forgot about those. Well, I declare that a separate project since we will probably need to have them custom made.

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