Day 27 – The Cat

Maybe I should have entitled this “one of the cats”.  This is Katchoo (pronounced like “achoo” but with a K).  She is our 10 year old female.  She was named after a comic book character from Strangers in Paradise.  The character Katchoo was a kick-ass chick who was known to literally kick ass – specifically bad men. When we brought Katchoo home from the Humane Society, she chased our 4 year old Siamese cat around for about a week.  To see this little fluff ball terrorize this cat that was normally not intimidated by anyone inspired me to dub her Katchoo. 

This is the morning routine.  Katchoo, sitting by the front door, trying to get us to let her outside.  I’m not normally a huge “outdoor cat” person especially in the city near busy streets, but she is MUCH happier sleeping in the flower beds or getting pets from the passers-by.  My brother joked once that half of our neighbors probably believe they are taking care of our cat.  She is very friendly and visits everyone.  A few months ago, one of our neighbors asked us about our cat.  I guess she would go visit them, so they had named her Patches (which ironically enough was the name the Humane Society had given her). 

The great thing about Katchoo is how she doesn’t get excited about anything.  The dogs can charge right up to here, and she just sits there.  No hissing, no meowing, no scratching, nothing.  She just gives them a bored look which generally makes them go away – she’s no fun for them.  She tolerates the kids manhandling her too.  In fact, if she gets locked outside in the summer, she climbs up to the roof outside of their window on the second floor and meows until they open the window and let her in.  She’s a great cat.

What do you think?

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