Day 23 – Dinner Party

Tonight we had a dinner party with some friends from college.  Four of the six of us went to the same college in a small town in Iowa.  It isn’t too surprising that one person ended back up here as this is where she grew up and her family lives.  The rest of us ended up out here because of jobs.
Even though we live in the same city, yet we can very rarely get together.  Of the six of us, three are teachers, one is a doctor, one is an architect, and I am the IT person.  And, all of us love to cook and love wine.  So, the night usually involves great food, great wine, and lots of stories.  
Tonight was no different.  While the kids played games, we drank about 4 bottles of wine and discovered about 4 bottles of our old wine had gone bad.  Everyone brought soup in honor of soup night.  A potato corn chowder, a curry lentil soup, and the soup I mentioned earlier were all on the menu.  I made ciabatta bread from scratch and some great mini coconut cakes. 
At the end of the night, we scheduled the next dinner for Valentines Day.  The guys are going to cook.  They were planning the menu already.  Should be a fun night.

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  1. That all sounds like a night of delicious fun!

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