Day 12 – Veggies

Each week, we have a box of organic veggies and fruits delivered to our front door.  It arrives in a brown box, and I think our kids celebrate its arrival more than anyone in the house.  They cart it into the house, and open it like a present on Christmas morning.  There are usually exclamations over what is inside.  “There are bananas this week!”
“Wow, look – beets!”
“What’s this?”
Generally speaking, we usually get some green leafy veggies.  This week, it is kale.  Not my favorite, but I’ll throw it into something.  We usually get an onion or two, some garlic, potatoes, apples/pears, root veggies, and leeks.  We usually eat through it all…or a good 90% of it.  Periodically, we end up with a surplus of something like red onions.  We then usually pass them along to others.  We could request they don’t send them, but we like trying new things or trying to find new uses for things.   
And, if we really don’t like it – she’ll eat them:
(The Guinea Pig & Indigo) 

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  1. Jennybean says:

    Yummy stuff! My dream job is to starta CSA farm, a similar concept. *sigh* Dreams!

    And cute piggy, and kiddo too!

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