Day 10 – Hula Hoop

Technical difficulties are plaguing me.  My SD card reader is not reading…it’s not even being seen by my computer.

I’m hoping it is the $10 reader and not the ports on my notebook.  If it is the ports, I guess I’m just reaffirming my feeling that my notebook is reaching the end of its life.

Anyway, I have this great picture of my mom proving to me that she could hula hoop.  What she didn’t realize when she started shooting her mouth off was the fact I have several hula hoops of various sizes.

I’ll post it later.  Sorry.

Update: Using my superior knowledge of computers, I was able to get the pictures off of the card.  Please read that as sarcasm because I really just had more of a “duh” moment on how to get around this issue.

I present you you my hula hooping mom.  She kept saying that she was quite the hula hooper back in the day, so I gave her a hula hoop and told her to prove it.  She did.  Guess I know what I’ll be making her for her birthday.


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  1. That is awesome! I should find my hula hoop. Ive heard its a good ab workout

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