American Idol

I hate that show.  I don’t mind reality shows generally, but for some reason, I hate this one.  I find no entertainment in seeing all of the bad singers that only go before the judges because it would make for funny TV.  I find no entertainment in the decent singers hanging their dreams on this one chance only to have them crushed through a series of interviews and the creation of false drama.   I find no entertainment in hearing the judges stupid feedback that really isn’t helpful or constructive; it’s just entertainment at the expense of some poor kid who really thought they had a chance.

And, more than anything, I hate how it takes over everything.  I hate flipping between radio stations in the morning trying to dodge the play-by-play analysis of the show the night before.  I hate seeing news articles show up like “Bikini Girl Brings Out Fight in New Judge”….really? That’s news worthy?  I hate hearing about Paula and Simon and Randy.  I hate that I don’t watch the show, yet I know their names.

I’ve been told that I just haven’t given it a chance, but that’s not true.  We tried watching it find out what the hype was about – I just couldn’t do it.  It was too painful.

Am I really in the minority here?

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  1. Dana says:

    Oh Emmy! I usually lurk around here but had to pop in to tell you that I love you! I HATE American Idol – for all of the reasons you mentioned – and I work with people who actually vote for goodness sakes!

  2. I also hate American Idol. Its mean and it really worries me to see that many deluded people walking around.

    I work with people who vote and have a pool.

  3. Ms. Jess says:

    New commenter here. 🙂 I had to come out and say that I hate American Idol, too. You’re right: it’s painful. Blech.

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