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First the reminder – Saturday is the National Soup Swap.  I am asking for volunteers to have a virtual soup swap in blogsphere.  The idea is that on Saturday participants will post a soup recipe and an accompanying story, if you have one.  I have a  few people who have said they were participate.  Leave me a comment, if you are interested.   I’ll post the list of participants on Saturday.


 The lovely and talented Another Ordinary Girl  tagged me with the Honest Scrap Award!

I decided as I was coming up with things that it would have been a lot easier had I not just done 100 Things about Emmy a few weeks ago.  So I had to dig deep.

The rules are simple…

List 10 honest things about yourself – and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! Then tag 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap. Simple. Or not.

1. I have only been drunk once in my entire life.  My family has a huge history of alcoholism which I have watched fuck up many people.  As a result, I never drank until I was 21, and I have never found alcohol in excess to be fun like other kids my age.  It is also why high school was not very fun for me – drinking was the only thing people did on the weekends.  As an adult, I do drink periodically – but only a glass or two.  And I prefer to do it in the safety and comfort of my own home.

2. I used to let what people thought of me or how they were feeling dictate my life until I connected with the quotation by Eleanor Roosevelt: “I am not inferior without my consent.”  Once I started realizing that allowing others to treat me in a way that I would never treat them was much like handing them a permissions slip saying “treat me like shit”. I really found my voice after that, and needless to say, people who treat me poorly don’t usually stick around long.

3. While I am independent and am self-sufficient, I worry that my parents and siblings interpret that I never need them.  I find I give lots of emotional support to them, but when I need an ear – I rarely find it because it is assumed I will just take care of things.  I worry there will be a time when I really need something important, and they won’t be there.

4.  I believe I have a guardian angel.  And, for some reason, I believe it is either my grandma or my grandpa.  I have had several situations while driving where I have done something that has resulted in me avoiding a major accident.  And afterwards, I can never pinpoint what made me react the way I did.  It was like someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, “hey, you should pay attention –  this idiot driving the huge truck doesn’t see you and is going to switch lanes crushing you and your car against the median”.  I would love to say that it was only once or twice where this has happened, but it has happened at least half a dozen times.

5. I like weird combinations of food.  I like to eat cantaloupe with black pepper on it.  I like eating saltine crackers with the left over chocolate frosting.

6. I believe Garbanzo has mentioned this in passing on his blog, but I feel I must say it myself….I like sex.  I like fucking, I like love making.  I like it slow, I like it hard, I like it fast.  I always have and am grateful I found someone who has the same drive.  I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t.  Probably have a larger toy collection that we already do.  😉

7. While most kids have imaginary friends when they are young, I had imaginary pets – a cat and a dog to be specific. I used to walk around calling back to them to make sure they were following me. I guess that’s why animals following me around the house today rarely annoys me but actual is somewhat comforting.

8. I have a thing for odd packaging.  I’m not talking the crazy plastic things that are impossible to open, but the tins that Altoids come in – or the neat way Starbucks sells gum.  I appreciate the aesthetic of it, and appreciate the thought that some industrial designer put into it.  And, I love the reuse factor.  And yes, they do get reused.

9. My requirements when I get my hair cut is that it has to be wash and go – and it has to look right with my face shape.  Other than that, the sky is the limit.  I don’t know trends or what’s popular or what would look good on me.  I always leave it to them to make a recommendation.  And, it freaks out 99% of the people who have cut my hair.  In the end, they usually clean up the previous cut.  The only exception being the person who cut my hair a couple years ago.  I went in and had them cut a 14 inches of hair for locks of love. (My friend was battling breast cancer and had commented that no one shaved their heads for her.  I cut my hair off and donated it to surprise her.  I couldn’t shave my head, but I could do that.)

10. I’m happy with how our kids are growing up.  I always struggled with defining myself when I was growing up because there were a lot of pressures to be the stereotypical girl.  I feel we’ve struck a balance with both of our girls .  I hope this translates well when they become teenagers.  I don’t want them to allow themselves to be limited by gender stereotypes.  I want them to know themselves and have that define who they are.

So there you go – my 10 honest facts…..

I will now tag:

Hmmmm…I need three more to tag.  Since I know I have visitors who lurk, leave me a comment if you’d like to play along, and I’ll tag you too. 

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  1. Jennybean says:

    Okay… I’ll play… and I’ll try to do the soup thing too, but I don’t have recipes for many of the ones I make….

  2. I’ll be here for the soup swap and I’m glad you played along! {{HUGS}}

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