Ruining the Surprise

So I ruined one of the Hubby’s presents to me last night. We were out Christmas shopping when I went over to grab a cheap-o coffee grinder. One of his students brought him a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans from Mexico. Knowing we were almost out of the ground coffee, I figured I would get a grinder so we would have coffee in the morning. You could see the conflict on his face, the quick thinking of how he could get me to put it back while keeping the surprise. He finally reached into the shopping basket, grabbed the grinder, and put it back. Of course my response was “oh, did you want a different one?”. Seeing I was not going to simple walk away without a grinder, he grabbed my hand leading me away and mumbling something about how I don’t need one – merry christmas. Damn my inquisitiveness!

We got home, and he presented it to me. It was, what he thought, an attachment to my Kitchen Aid mixer. In reality, it was a beautiful stand alone mixer made of die cast metal. It is the “pro line”. I love Kitchen Aid appliances..they last forever…and they don’t feel cheaply made. We made a vow to ourselves years ago that no more crappy kitchen stuff would be purchased. This definitely makes the grade. I used it this morning and it was great. Much better than the one I was going to buy.

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  1. Very Nice. I got my kitchen aid 15 years ago as a wedding present and it works as well today as it does the day I got it.

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