Pillow Talk…in our house

After the alarm went off this morning and the dogs were sent outside, the Hubby came back in the bedroom, bounced onto the bed and declared “I’m Tigger”. 

Translation: I am in a great mood and got the perfect amount of sleep, so now I’m bouncy and want you to be bouncy too.

From here the conversation took a more unusual turn….

“Do you think that Tigger and Kanga ever got it on?  I mean, they both like to bounce.”

I would love to say this type of conversation is unusual, but I can’t.

My response was that I didn’t think so.  I kind of saw Tigger as the goofy teenage kid who has some ADHD while Kanga was an adult in the Hundred Acre Wood.

“But she could get her cougar on,” he argued, “plus, I always saw Kanga as a mom who had her kids at a young age thus making her more able to relate to Tigger.  She would say ‘Can I ride your tail?’

I speculated that Tigger wouldn’t make a discreet bedmate.  I mean, Kanga is a single mom who doesn’t necessarily want to have that conversation with Roo yet.

“Yeah, he would go bouncing out of their house telling everyone he met that he just got laid.  Then Eyore would say ‘everyone has sex but me’.  Then he’s mention that he lost his penis just like his tail.  And, you have Pooh trying to get into everyone’s honey pot.”

The Hubby was on his way to developing quite a story around the relationships in the Hundred Acre Wood.  Yikes.

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  1. If hubby is all happy bouncy like that, perhaps you should have him expend it in a good way….like vacuuming.

    I always tell Hubman that there is no bigger turn-on than a man wielding a vacuum.

  2. nitebyrd says:

    So, you’re the inspiration behind the evil genius! LOL

  3. Michelle says:

    I don’t know if inspiration is quite it. I think I made the mistake of encouraging him by discussing the possibilities.

    I personally thought Tigger wouldn’t be discreet enough for Kanga. I believe he’s put his paw in his mouth many times.

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