A Day without Disposable Bags

In looking through my usual blog list, I found out from one of them that today is A Day Without a Disposable Bag in LA .  I love the cause really.  I have been carrying my own bags to the story with me for over a year now.  I’ve even gotten the Hubby in the habit (especially when I shove them at him while he’s leaving to go to the store). I have always hated plastic bags.  They pile up, they are flimsy so the uses are pretty limited, and you usually can’t recycle them with curbside recycling.  I also hate seeing them fly around the neighborhood.  They get stuck in trees and put animals at risk.  So you can see, my motivation isn’t singularly environmental.

I bought my first set of 5 Envirobags at Delight.com.  They fold up very small, they carry double the load of a regular store plastic bag, and have uses outside of just carrying groceries.  I have added a few sizes of bags since – smaller ones as well as different brands.  I think I’ve already given my confession about loving reusable bags. Everyone in the family has begun using them for everything.  The girls use them for carrying taekwondo uniforms.  DJ used them to transport her soccer gear.  The Hubby has used them for comic book runs.  In fact, my recent acquisition of additional bags was due to the fact many had been put to other uses.

We aren’t perfect about the whole reusable bag thing.  We still end up with them periodically when we have to make an unplanned stop at a store – or go to a Big Box Store (Target, Walmart, etc).  But, it is easier to manage. When given a choice in these situations, we choose paper.

Depending on where you live, you may be encouraged to do it more and more when the stores begin charging per bag (IKEA already does it).  Out West, there are some cities looking to ban single use plastic bags due to the environmental effects they have.  If you haven’t considered using your own bags for grocery store runs, make that simple change in the new year.  I think you will like it more than you may think.

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  1. We used a weaved straw bag (or 2) as in France there are no more plastic bags dispensed at any store. same in ireland. We’ve taken our habit here to the UK and it works for us. No more plastic.

  2. I love my bags. I always keep them under the front passenger seat of my car so I remember to bring them in with me!

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