2008 Year in Review

As the year winds down, I can’t help but reflect back at it. It has been one hell of a year.

The Hubby has had a year of drama….thank you, rugby team! But, the drama was also counter balanced by some good things. The tri-nations brought a lot of rugby friends back together as we sat outside under the pergola watching them using the projector while drinking beer and eating good food. We’ve had several events at our house where I hope the guys realized that they are all still friends despite the issues with the team. I know I don’t want to see them drift away as they are good people.

DJ, our oldest, started her journey to black belt in March. And, she has done wonderfully despite some issues over the summer. Her passion for the sport is what I had always hoped she would find in something. And, the fact she can kick a boy’s ass is just bonus. I just have to be careful because 2008 found me with quite a number of bruises resulting from impromptu sparring matches with her. Let’s just say she kicks hard.

Indigo ended her preschool journey on a high note and has continued kindergarten with the same enthusiasm. I love the fact she has her own group of friends, that she’s getting to try new things, and she gets to be part of the school that both her dad and sister belong to. She has been longing for this time, so it’s great to see her enjoy it so much and thrive with it. She is currently working on becoming part of the roller derby team by skating through the house all day.

As for me, I’m happy to be employed in a job that offers great challenges yet. I like the team I am part of and still feel there are opportunities there despite the financial challenges. I’m happy my family is all out in Oregon now with my parents moving out in July. It’s a nice change. I’m happy to be an aunt to the cutest little girl – she joined the family in July. I can’t wait to give lots of noisy presents to her in payback to my brother for doing the same with my kids. I’m happy my other brother has found a woman that makes him happy and fits into our family like she was meant to be part of it. I’m happy that 2008 saw the Hubby and I celebrate yet another year of marriage (13 years for those who are counting), and that the passion and the love between us are stronger than ever.

Overall 2008 was a good year. I hope 2009 continues on that path!

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  1. Yay you! Its sounds like you had a great year!

  2. Glad to hear you had a great year!! Hope 2009 treats you just as well!

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