Super Cleaning Sunday

Our kids have too much crap. Too many clothes, too many books (and until today, I didn’t think you could have too many books), too many toys, just too much stuff.

We tackled the kids room and the upstairs in general. Words cannot describe the stuff we found. First off, I have decided there is a downside to good eating. My kids love apples, carrots, and just fruit & veggies in general. I normally consider myself lucky…..until I find a rotting apple behind the garbage can upstairs. I find another partially rotten apple under a chair. Squished grapes were found under their futon. And, a mummified banana peel rounded out the finds. No need to wonder were the fruit flies have been coming from. Like what they are eating, just not where they are leaving it when they are done.

And, I love finding my stuff in the kids room. When asked how it got there, it just magically appeared. One of the tripods to my camera just showed up in their room yesterday…placed there by mysterious forces.

The last great find was less of a find, and more of a realization. The youngest has a guinea pig named Annie Skye Pigaletto. (She’s the one we love. Sorry, you can’t say Pigaletto in our house without following it with that.) I always worry the poor pig doesn’t get enough exercise. No worries there anymore. Clearly, she has been making the rounds in all parts of their room. Guinea pigs thankfully leave poop nuggets – non-gross if they are eating right (which ours is). I found evidence of her adventures everywhere. So, we are reinforcing the rule of cleaning up after her visits.

The end result of the cleaning was not only a cleaner room, but a huge pile of books and clothes to take with us to Thanksgiving. Between my brothers and sisters-in-law, I figure they can divvy up the clothes and books they want. I find it hilarious that all of the grandkids so far are girls. (I was one of two granddaughters on my dad’s side. Most of my second cousins are girls, born to very manly cousins of mine.) Anyway, the rest will find its way to Goodwill. We’ll be tackling the toys when the girls aren’t here. Bwahhahaha. 🙂

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  1. I hear you! Its amazing the things that you find. I personally believe that the stuffed animals come to life and mate when we are gone. Its the only way I can explain how we have so many of them.

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