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I love this guy!  For those who may not recognize him, I bet you may recognize him if you could hear his voice.  He is David Sedaris – a humorist and a writer.  He is best known for his story about being an elf in Santaland at Macys.  If you haven’t heard it, find it and listen to it.  Just don’t listen to it while driving or while on public transport because you will find yourself laughing until you cry.

Anyway, last night, we had the opportunity to hear him read his essays.  He sold out one of the larger venues we have in Portland.  And, he was worth every penny we spent.

He opened with an essay about book tours.  It was fucking hilarious, to put it bluntly.  David said that his last book tour started and ended with a visit of Costco.  He started the tour in the town of his sister.  While he was staying with them, his brother-in-law announced that he needed to go to Costco for light bulbs.  David volunteered to go with him.  I guess that when he goes on tour, he usually tries to take something along with him to give to the teenagers who attend his readings.  The last tour he took along individually packaged doses of pain relievers.  He would then hand it to the teenagers and ask them to think of him the next time they have a hang over.

This time, he was unable to find the same thing.  So, he looked for something light weight and individually wrapped.  He settled on the package of 800 condoms.  They were perfect.  Until he realized that he and his brother-in-law looked like two gay men being judged by everyone.   It was the only thing in their cart.  He told his brother-in-law to find something else to buy – quick.  He ran off and came back with a crate of strawberries to add to their cart.  As he said, the caption of the picture would have read “after anal sex, my partner and I love a good strawberry short cake.”  David quickly begged his brother-in-law to buy something else.  His brother-in-law thought for a second, then said “well, I guess I could use some olive oil.”

These are the types of essays he write.  They are humorous, but have a purpose.  He read us the essay he just wrote for the New Yorker.  Here is a link to it.  He wrote about the undecided voter.  It was beautiful.

The Hubby got us good seats.  We were like 8 rows from the stage, so we could see him making corrections to the essays he was reading.  We could see him flipping through his diary deciding what he wanted to read to us.  Last time we saw him, we were as far away from the stage as we could possibly be.  This was such a different experience than the last one because we could see his reactions as he was reading.  It was great.

Our Friend Derek took the girls trick-or-treating.  He did a great job wearing them out because they were not awake when we got home at 9:30. 

Today has been a busy day.  The oldest had taekwondo this morning followed immediately by a soccer game….in the rain.  We decided that this afternoon will be lazy day.  We have a fire burning, and we are all just relaxing.  I am watching all of the ghost hunter shows I missed last night.  As I have said before, I love these shows.   

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  1. garbonzo says:

    Turns out it was Woody who went to see Sedaris. He got his book signed to “Jive Turkey.”


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