Middle Earth Love

Lately, I have been on a Lord of the Rings movie kick.  I can’t quite explain why I am drawn to them.  Maybe it is the epic nature of the story, maybe it is the triumph of good over evil, maybe it is this:

 Or this…

For whatever reason, I have watched all three of the “released in theater” versions of the movie.  To be honest, I wish I had time to watch the full director’s cut versions….maybe when I have time off next week.

Overall, I like the story.  The idea that people have to overcome the lure of power in order to do what is right.  The willingness to sacrifice ones self for others is huge.  And, the self-discovery element is also huge.  You have the Hobbits realizing that small people can do huge things.  You have Aragorn realize he can be a leader.  You have Eowyn who follows her heart into battle, and ends up being the key to defeating the Witch King.  You have old prejudices overcome between elves and dwarfs.  How can you go wrong with a story like that one?

There are always some humorous elements of the story to me.  I like that Legolas and Gimli are always having contests over who can kill the most in battle.  The dwarf throwing has to also be included as it adds balance to horrific battle scenes.  And, for me, the adoration Sam has for Frodo has to also be laughed at.

So, for an early Friday field trip (because I’m being swept away by the hubby tomorrow, so I won’t know if and when I will post), I offer these two place to get your Lord of the Rings fixes.

The first is a site to find your own Elvish name.
Elvish Name Translations

The second is hilarious.  It’s someone’s take on what the diary of Legolas would look like if he had written it.  It’s pretty funny and worth the read.
The Very Secret Diary of Legolas

What do you think?

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