If You Do Just One Thing Today,

I would lie if I told you I don’t care who you vote for because I hope you vote for the candidate I support, but I do care that you just vote.  As a resident of the West Coast, I know it may seem pointless in the presidential elections as it will likely be decided before 6pm Pacific Time.  But, there are plenty of other issues to vote on. If you are in California, you need to go Vote NO on Prop8.  If you are in Oregon, you need to go Vote NO on anything sponsored by Bill Siezmore.  If you are Washington, you get to vote on death with dignity, senior care and a traffic change proposal.  And, I am not even listing all of the national, state and local officials you get a chance to elect.

As I tell my friend and family, not voting means you cannot comment on the state of politics because you clearly didn’t want your opinion heard when you skipped voting.  As Another Suburban Mom says on her site , people have fought and died for this right.  Hell, there are people who can only dream of casting a ballot in an election.  Don’t throw away your chance to be heard.

This message brought to you by Right Turn without Signaling.

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  1. Thanks RTWS. I am assuming that you support this message.

    Have a great day!

  2. Michelle says:

    Of course! We vote my mail in Oregon, so my ballot has been at the election office since Saturday!

    Have a great day!

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