I Have Hope!!

We have a president! I am happy it went down the way it did. I didn’t
want drama or recounts. I wanted a clear winner, a near concession
speech, and an uplifting victory speech. My hope came true. Palin can
fade away like the sun during an Alaskan winter. McCain can retire
knowing he gave it a shot. George, Laura and Chaney can start packing.
And Obama’s daughters can pick out their new puppy. And the citizens
of the US can have hope. Hope that the war will end. Hope that the
economy will get the attention from a president who isn’t out to make
money for his corporate buddies. Hope for the future. The country
needs this hope. Even the cynics need hope as they have gone too long
without it.

While I don’t like the path that lead us here, I do like this feeling.
Hope can make one down right giddy.

And can I just add that it is about time we had a someone other than a
white male elected? To borrow a phrase we use in the technology field,
it is about time we eat our own dog food. You cannot preach racial
equality or equality of the sexes and still see the non-white, non-
male struggle to get elected. It has gotten better, but it is about
time this glass ceiling is broken. You always want the best for the
job regardless of the race and sex, but unfortunately it has been a

Thank you for reading my gushing-rant. I tried not to stump in this
blog because I could have turned this into only that. But I feel good,
and needed to share.

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  1. I stayed up waaaaay to late to watch Obama give his victory speech. It was truly amazing!

    I too have hope!

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