Friday Field Trip

This Friday Field Trip is kind of a two in one.  I was originally going to send you to this cool site I found (which I still am going to do), but I want to highlight a few things that I found on it.

The first is this:

It is from the post “Urban Knitting: The World’s Most Inoffensive Graffiti “.  It is a montage of “tagging” done by the world’s knitters.  Very neat.
The next piece was entitled “Pimp My Drainpipe  “.
The site looks at creative things to do with drainpipes.  The source link below the picture has more detailed pictures of the above structure.  
And, the last preview of the site is called “India’s Ingenious Fishing Contraption “.  This one has video of its operation as well as links to where you can see them on Google Maps.

This contraption’s designs date back to between 1350-1450.  And, from the comments, it sounds like they are in use all over Asia and possibly in other pockets around the world.  Very neat!
The site is called:
Enjoy! And, Happy Friday!

What do you think?

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