And It Begins…

Polls in two states closed 30 minutes ago with many more state elections ending soon.   The early numbers are starting to trickle in with the fine print of “0% of precincts reporting”.  I am excited but a bit scared.  The last two elections were tight, and this one has the potential of being the same.

Political analysts have already said they believe Obama will win.  But, along with this prediction, voting issue have been reported in at least four states.  Don’t know if that will result in anything, but it scares me none the less.  I know this is like the Super Bowl or the Olympics for the press, but it feels a bit like a roller coaster with thrills one minute and terror the next.  In our house, we will be watching the Cobert/Stewart election coverage on Comedy Central.  And, we decided nothing is more American like elections and pizza.  (The hubby wanted Chinese, but I told him that eating Chinese means the communist win.)

Watching social networks like Facebook showing their running tally of people who claimed they voted was pretty amazing.  Last check, they were over 3 million people.  Not scientific, but couple it with the video and pictures showing people in line for hours, and this is pretty amazing.  I don’t recall hearing the outcry from the populous for people to get out and vote like I have today.  Amazing!

So, I’ll be sitting hear watching…hoping….and praying we know who is our next president by evening’s end.  No repeat of 8-years ago, I hope.  But, time will tell…..

What do you think?

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