Halloween Fun

So, you have a bunch of apples falling off the tree in your yard (or your neighbor’s tree). What to do? Why not use some of them to make shrunken heads for Halloween? The oldest was making these today in after school care. It was a pretty fun project. I love the after care coordinator at their school, but I’ll go into that another time.

A summarized version of the instruction if you are like me and hate to read instructions (ask the Hubby). You peel the apples, and carve them into faces. You can also use rice for teeth, cloves for eyes or whatever other accouterments you can think of. The oldest was using tooth picks and skewers to create a fun sort of “head on a pike” look. (It runs in the family, the odd sense of humor, that is.)

Once the head is created, you can either let it dry on its own. Or you can speed up the process a bit by putting them in the oven on the lowest setting. The magazine they were using as inspiration said to do it for 3 hours. The coordinator and I speculated it may be a good idea to ward off mold.

I found a full set of instructions, if you are like the Hubby, and must read all of the instructions before attempting this project. I’m not judging. Just making sure all reader’s needs are met.

What do you think?

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