The Modern Day Mix Tape

My hubby told me last week that he saw the coolest thing. It was the USB Mix Tape.  

The mix tape was a total 90s thing.  If you had a boyfriend, you made him a tape of the sappy loves songs for him to remember you when you were apart.  You made your friends songs that remind them of the fun weekend or trip you took together.  It was a way to share memories.  To this day, there are still songs I hear that remind me of a time with my friends where we listened to a road trip mix tape.  If you spent your high school and college years in the mid-80s to early 90s, you know of which I speak.
Today, you can do something similar with CDs, but it just doesn’t happy as often as it used to happen.  Also, there is something lost by not having a case with a blank place to write the list of songs, draw pictures, maybe include a note.  CDs come on spindles and the jewel cases are extra.  Too bad.
So, last Sunday, I was at a store in Portland that is going out of business and stumbled upon the USB Mix Tape kit.   I had to buy it for my hubby to prove that this isn’t a brand new, coming-soon idea, but one that had been out for a while.
Last night, he presented me with the mix he made for me.  He explained it was odd doing it on the USB drive because they deliberately made it store no more than 60 minutes worth of songs. The purpose: to force people to edit their song lists down to the important ones, the most meaningful.  
I listened to it at work today.  And, it was fun to listen to, but also and perfect.  A careful blend between my taste and his taste with a new song in there I hadn’t expected. By the way, that song almost made me tear up because I got why he chose it.  It was a nice surprise. 
So, thank you, my love! I loved it.  And, I’ll have to return it with a mix of my own.

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  1. garbonzo says:

    yAy! I’m glad you liked it!

    What was the song?

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