Thank You John McCain

I feel I must sent my thanks to John McCain, the one responsible for the Blackberry.  I just read that he was responsible for that “miracle”.   Thank you, Mr McCain, for the device that keeps me leashed to work even when I don’t want to be.  The Blackberry has ruined days off and forced me to deal with work when “it was supposed to be my day off” to quote Dante from the movie Clerks.  Wow, guess I just found another reason not to vote for the man….but I digress.

I’m being facetious, of course. McCain was part of the Commerce Committee which oversees telecommunications.  I hope this gets twisted around though.  I mean, the only sound byte remembered about Al Gore was that he “invented the internet”.  The fact his full statement was that he was involved with early legislation that cleared the way for what is now the modern day internet, and that was overlooked in later quotes. 
Yes, the point could be made the McCain himself didn’t make the statement unlike Gore, but the media is pointing out that McCain’s “senior domestic policy advisor” did make it.  And he isn’t some guy who worked with McCain way back when.  Nope, he’s part of his circle.  That’s a pretty bold statement for someone in his inner circle to make.
Regardless, it is a lesson in karma.  When McCain and his camp are trying to back peddle on this comment, the Republicans should remember what they did to Gore.  And remember – what goes around, comes around.  Ahh, but it’s politics…they won’t.   They will just blame the press, but that’s another story…..

What do you think?

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