A Song about Shane

My younger daughter has been walking around the house for the past few days singing:

“Shane got a hair cut,
Two bits!”
Over and over and over again.
My older daughter has been trying to correct her by patiently making her repeat:
“Shave and a hair cut”
But, the younger one keeps insisting that it is “Shane”…she can’t see how “shave” would make sense.
I don’t think I can argue with her logic.  
I find it interesting to see how kids respond to ideas from the “olden days”.  At least my hubby and I have seen old movies where a man goes to the barber to get a shave and a haircut.  Today, it’s a spa or an old time barber shop that may still do it, but it is less common place.  Our kids have no concept of those days.  Old movies for them are movies from the 1990s.  
I feel old.

What do you think?

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