When is the last time you went to a concert that started at 8pm and actually saw the main act come on stage by 8:10? Yeah, neither have I. As a result, I normally go to concerts about an hour later than what the start time indicates. The worst was going to see Cake and having the concert start almost 3 hours later than was indicated. Good concert, but it’s hard to feel that way after standing around for almost 3 hours. But, I digress.

I showed up to the Melissa Etheridge concert at exact 8pm – and it started about 5-10 minutes later. I have seen Melissa in concert 3 times prior to this one. My husband got me amazing tickets – center stage near the front, but not up front. Being so close to the stage gave the concert a feeling of intimacy. The Schnitzer only hold about 2750 people, but it seemed even smaller down where I was.

I have never been disappointed with Melissa’s concerts. This one felt so intimate and serene. The stage was simple with a backdrop that was continually switching between colors and peace flags strung across the top. I felt like the concert series should be named “My Life Story”. Between songs, she would explain where she was in her life in 1982 both professionally and personally. Then she would pick a song that reflected her during that time period. It was amazing. I almost cried when she sang I Run for Life – her song about her battle with breast cancer. Not only did I feel the emotion as she spoke about what it gave her, but also knowing all of the people in the past two years that have had a battle with it made the song that more meaningful. It was a song most of the audience had personal experience….amazing.

Melissa overall seems like she’s in a different place. She was very reflective about her life and how she got where she is. She was very thankful for the life she has been given – and she was very open about her mistakes. Melissa described the awakening she had and is having and how that is changing her life and making her realize how lucky she is and how she wants to make a difference.

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  1. Wow, I’m envious–I need to go to the next show of Melissa’s that’s in town!

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