OMG!! Whitney Wins?!!!


I am a reality TV junkie. I’ll admit it – I own it. So, I watched America’s Next Top Model and its season finale tonight. I had been watching all season. I don’t know, I guess I like seeing the insecurities of skinny girls who look good in the the clothes meant for people their size. I like seeing them struggle a bit – and I cheer for the girl who ends up being the diamond in the rough.

In past seasons, I have always felt bad for the plus-sized models. They are clearly insecure about their size. Last cycle, the plus-sized chick ended up losing weight during the show. I don’t know if I would blame her. I mean, listening to a size 0 complain about gaining a pound calling herself fat to everyone who has ears would make you question how she must feel about you if she thinks she’s fat. This cycle, I liked Whitney. I liked the fact she was fine in her skin. To get that way, you know she had to make up peace with who she was. She came in strong and, yes, like she had been a Miss America candidate just show everyone she was better than her size. She good great pictures. I still love her picture as an emo chick. It’s one of my favorites.

Going into the runway show, I was like her – I felt she had nothing to lose. Anya’s Cover Girl ad was okay, but the head shot missed the mark. Yet, she was called first….again. The panel can be so wishy-washy sometimes. In the past, they would throw someone out of if they would cause more touch-ups than another girls thus costing the shoot more money. Yet, Anya’s commercial was “the best when you edit it together”. This – even after, they got the script the night before. Fatima going home was not a surprise. She had gotten to the end despite missing a photo shoot, despite her inconsistent performance, despite her dismal commercial in the past.

So, going into the show, Whitney (as did the rest of America) expected Anya to win. As Whitney points out to the make-up artist, she has been in the bottom four times while Anya has never been at the bottom. I was totally surprised at the weak-ass show they put together. Clearly, it was staged. Most are, but it was like they didn’t try this time. Whitney stomped it out – Anya had trouble with her dress. Whitney was fierce while Anya looked scared. Whitney was taking no prisoners on the runway while Anya seemed to be blending into the show.

When the girls came back to panel after the judges deliberated, you could tell that Whitney expected to lose. She was trying to steel herself for the news. Anya had a half smile. Whitney was on the verge of tears. I felt bad for the girl. She wanted it bad. And, she got it!

Go Whitney!!

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