Week 11 – Tour of Washington

A friend gave me a few ideas of where to take some photos today. So, we went out and shot them. A collapsed house that is being reclaimed by the forest. The fence clearly belongs to a Master A great old barn Another view of it I like the bottle floating in the water –…

Week 10: Mississippi

These are a few images from my walk on Mississippi Avenue in North Portland. Magnolia tree blooming Kind of an interesting idea via graffiti.   The stairs to nowhere.

Week 7-8: Urban Forest

I love this series as it shows how nature continues to reclaim this burnt out building. But I also like the color in the reflections. It was fluctuating between downpours and bright light while I was shooting.

Week 6 – Neighborhood Walk

Daffodils making an appearance Our neighbor has a fork lift for his work. It’s kinda odd to see it. Crocus SQUIRREL!

Week 5: Monkey Suspension

G bought me a set of umbrella lights for photography.  I decided to try them out in my basement by tying up a large stuffed monkey in rope and suspending her from the hard point.  I learned that I have been tied up enough that I can tie with little help – a simple rope…

Week 1: Fog

While I miss the 365 project, I realized I just don’t have time to take the kinds of photos I want to take on a daily basis. So, I’m going to do it weekly instead – 52Weeks. This morning, I woke up to some great fog.  It was think and silent and just awesome for…

Photos – A Hot Weekend

Notice the sky. This is what it looks like when the smoke from the forest fires settles in the valley. Sitting under the St John’s Bridge, while the girls played in the water, and we sat in the sand reading, napping, and relaxing. And watched the tug boat go back downriver just to bring upriver…

Photos: Weekend Trip – Central Oregon

Not fog….smoke.  This was on our way up through the pass.  We felt bad for the cyclists who were having to breath it in as they rode. Mt Hood looked great – above the smoke line. We drove up to Timberline Lodge – the lodge used for the outside shots in the movie The Shining….

Photos – Moses

Whenever I think roses, I immediately think this: A great scene from Singing in the Rain.  You have to watch it to understand the title of this post. Anyway, I spent a few hours up in the rose gardens today. Wasn’t sure how it would look given we are past prime rose season.  They keep…