Days 16-19 – Back to Reality

Four days and three nights at the coast with SB. Bliss. Best way to describe it. Downtime – reading – no computer access or phone access – just the moment.  It was perfect. Before I left – I made homemade pizza.  The girls had peppers and pepperoni.  We had spicy sausage, peppers, mushrooms and nectarine….

Hump Day Reverie

+ It’s funny getting photos of G and the kids at Disneyland.  People were worried that the girls were too old.  Yeah, no.  Perfect age. And I think it’s the perfect age too because the girls and G can all go on the rides together.  Yay tall kids. + If G comes back and there…

Weekend Inventory

Good things this weekend: Patio was cleaned off and power washed. I love power washers. A good hot dog for lunch and a beer….and a hot dog off the grill too. Hot coffee on a cool morning Harvesting more veggies from the garden & fruit too. Playing with my juicer.  Yum to fresh pineapple juice….