Day 200 – A Glimpse into my Monday

This is what happens when someone goes on vacation. Funniest part was the fact they grabbed the more risque papers in the area. So he had “come visit our hot women” plastered on his stuff. I’m glad HR is three floors above us. The pictures of Alf making out with his gay lover was funny…

Day 172 – Ying and Yang

Any guesses which one is mine and which is Garbanzo’s?Yes, mine is the dark one. We went to a German pub that opened up nearby, and we went there tonight after an event we attended. Don’t ask me what I drank. I don’t recall – and I won’t pretend to speak German.  The cute blond…

Day 117 – Beer

No picture of it…..that is my excuse….beer…..with someone who lurks and occasionally comments on this blog. Because of all of my running around and such, I forgot my camera….as I had a really great idea for a picture to commemorate the meeting….oh, well….another time. Just envision here a picture of a C-Note IPA from Lompac…

Day 108 – Honeysuckle

I was hoping to to have a great picture today – a picture from the top of the bridge. But, no go.  So, I had to fall back on a flower picture. Yeah, I know – exciting. The race went okay. It started about 10 minutes later than it was supposed to start which is…

Day 95 – Sometimes….

….you just feel like an ill-tempered gnome…. And, for those of you keeping track of home, this is beer picture #7.

Day 69 – Beer #6

After Fierybitch mentioned IPA on Twitter last night, I ahd been craving one. My husband bought me one tonight. It was quite yummy. And it’s an “experimental IPA”. A wonderful experiment!

Day 62 – Beer #5 for Hubman

I figured the best way to help Hubman spread the word that he has his own domain is by posting a beer picture. A Total Domination IPA. So, go visit Hubman at his own digs: www.hubmanshangout.comAnd update your blog rolls already!

Day 57 – Beer PIcture #4

When I saw this beer, it reminded me a bit of the beer Daniel told me about drinking the other night. I just had to get it. It had been a long afternoon. It was exactly what I wanted.