POD – A Week in Pictures

I was drinking one beer when G brought me the other. Double fisting it, as it were. Think Day Treat for their study of Egypt. Didn’t happen because of the great snow event of 2011.  Yeah, there was no snow that day. These are walnuts with orange marzipan dipped in caramelized sugar. According to the Egyptian cultural site, this…

PODs – Snow?

Yesterday I went to upload my POD only to find that smugmug was down for maintenance. Bad time to take a site offline, IMO.  But what could I do. So here is yesterday’s and today’s. the moths falling from the sky…or at least that’s what G said they were last night. The snow on the…

POD – The Only Way to End This Monday

It was a long, LONG day. I’ll be honest. I was in a shitty mood. Add into it the fact that I had an all day training – about accounting in our new system.  A long LONG day of accounting principles – and other fun stuff. Layer into it some weird changes to schedules and…

POD – Catching up

Gotta try a beer that is an IPA, a monkey on it, wearing a fez. It wasn’t bad.  Liked how the candles glowed on the mantle. The last sunny day…..before the rains come. Which happens tomorrow. Fall/Winter in the Pacific NW.

POD – Glimpse

This is my reflection on my laptop screen. The shiny screens are pretty common for the MacBook Pro laptops. I had been staring at the screen all day while I was researching software packages. Alternatives to the software I have been implementing. It’s pretty boring really and tests one’s google skills. Can’t blame me for…

HNT – Lounging

Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days.~Ancient Egyptian Credo check out Os to see who else is playing this week.Or OHNT for some more fun.

Day 128 – Geek

Why yes, I did blog tonight with at a pub with a beer in my hand – and a pitcher with more  -my laptop and my iPhone. It had been a long day….and it was hot….and, well, I AM a geek. The beer was good. Not cold enough, but good. While G spent the night…

Day 119 – Kiss Me!

The neighbor’s cat has lips….almost wondered if she was going to start talking to me. If I had, I would have known my post-yard work was a bit too much…It’s foamy because we’re still working out the kinks from kegerator 2.0.

HNT – A Good Combination

Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world. –Kaiser Wilhelm Or she will. See who else is joining in the HNT fun by visiting Os.Or go to OHNT for some other fun.

Day 207 – My Night in Pictures

These are totally random images of my night. Monday’s are VW Bus cult night where we meet up with the other followers for drinking and food. The kids and I usually do our thing, and the VW guys do theirs. Tonight a family from the school was there – with two girls DJ and Indigo’s…