Photos: Worn Down

I saw this house while going 70 mph to my parents house.  Like any good photographer, I skidded to a stop – and made my family wait as I spent 10 minutes taking photos.  Hey, when the light and all is right – ya gotta do it. It did take all of my restraint not…

Photos: Two Sides of One Sign

I didn’t know which I liked most…..DJ picked the b&w one and Indigo the colored one.  Both definitely have their merits.

Photos: Veteran’s Day

Today, Indigo and I visited the Vietnam War memorial in Portland.  While there, the Native American Veterans were doing a ceremony to honor their fallen.  I felt privileged to be able to witness it – and I was happy they allowed me to photograph them.


I finally got a new card reader. Ramona statue in the park. Flowers next to one of the gravestones at a pioneer cemetery.

Week 30: Walking My Camera

Since it was so freaking hot over the weekend, I decided to take my camera for a walk under the large trees in a nearby neighborhood.  Oh yeah, and take photos too. BTW: Photo tip that I like passing along to people who try to shoot photos on a bright and sunny day – a…

Week 21 – Nature Walk

Taken while walking around the Smith and Bybee Wetlands Area in North Portland.  I want a canoe.

Weeks 18-19: Images &

Super Moon over Portland… shot I could get. feathery upright Surrender disarray flowing together perseverance and breaking through