Photos: Gorgeous Summer Day

Mt Hood or “I really need to clean my sensor on my camera”…. this is also the only one in the series post-processed as the mountain needed to pop out. The rest of the photos are all straight from the camera.

Photos! Two Days in a Row!

Flower at the end of a weed. I liked the contrast. Flowers growing in someone’s front yard The water tower in the park behind our house. I was laying on the ground to get this shot. Wrong lens on camera requires creativity. DJ asked if I was going to make this black and white. She…

A Whole Lot ‘o Photos

I haven’t posted photos in a while, so I figured I would bombard you with the ones I have taken. You can always check out my photos on this site. Love this converted sign in the industrial district near downtown. Downtown Portland The lock on the East Promenade near the Willamette River.  I like his beard….

Photos: My Favorite Park

I LOVE this park in Portland – Tanner Springs Park.  Long time readers will recognize the most notable feature – that fence.  I cannot shoot it enough. And one I took of my lavender.  Love the bees.

Photos: The Past Few Days

The artistic picture I took of the St John’s Bridge. Using the iPhone because I went out with my big fancy camera – and a dead battery.  Yeah…. Laying in a sunbeam on the back deck with a happy dog.  The reward for not killing ourselves after 30+ days of rain.  I can feel the…

Photos: Barrage of Photos

folding mini-comics over beers Magnets on the beer cooler at the local bar My coffee.  After I took it, I read this quote and thought it was appropriate.  This is where “there’s an app for that” is appropriate as I did it all on my iPhone. Julia – the Jersey Giant Posing pussy. Blossoms –…

Photos: Glimpses of My Day

32 tubars – Dahlias… I have to find place to plant it. What my leg looked like mere moments after I smashed it into the box of heads on the floor in the kitchen. Damn VW repair! The haul of eggs for the day

Photos: A Neighborhood Walk

After dinner, while G was off learning new and exciting ways to tie up his play partner, I took the girls on a walk around the neighborhood.  The sun was out – they were going crazy – and I knew I was going to kill them if I didn’t get them out of the house….

Photo: Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery

While wandering the city today, we happened to be in the area of the Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery – a cemetery which is on the historical registry.  The first burials in the cemetery occurred in 1846, so the history as you go through it is pretty amazing. I find cemeteries interesting. I find them peaceful….

Photos: Randomness

love how the tree and sky are reflective in this building I’m guessing this is the last weekend of the cherry blossom bloom. They were raining down on everyone enjoying them and the sun. Near our train tracks in downtown are these signs warning cyclist that they could get their tires caught in the rails….