Friday Feelz




Counting down the minutes until I can go home.


Each year, the company holds a management summit that starts on a Wednesday afternoon and lasts through Friday about 1pm. During that time, we spend, well, way too much time together meeting, eating, drinking, and team building. By the time Friday comes around, we all are looking at the clock watching and waiting for it to end.

Last year, it was overwhelming as I did not know really anyone. This year, it is far less overwhelming as I know the people and feel comfortable making the connections. But damn, it is still a lot.

A lot of information. A lot of people time. A lot of having to be “on”. I have been grateful that this year I did not have to share a room. I got my own room, so I could go back and just be away from things and people. But only after the activities end which only happened last night at about 11pm. Though, the open bar helped make things tolerable.

But I’m cooked. I’m ready to go home and nap. And be able to eat what I want to eat – not what is served.

Though, I am grateful for the oyster bar last night. After a long day, meeting with people from other areas that I have befriended, trying different types of raw oysters – it was a team bonding experience.

But honestly, the first one I had was like a vacation to the ocean. It tasted like ocean and sun and wind. The meat was delicate. It was an escape for just a moment…..or four.

Now the session is winding down. There is a nap after this completes. I am grateful to only be about 5 min from home.

What do you think?

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