Winter Wonderland?

I grew up in the ice, snow, and cold. I wish I were exaggerating, but the truth is we got snow in November (sometimes October), and it stayed until April or May. We just dealt with it. I walked to school under layers of coats, hats, scarves, and socks. You always drove on ice and snow speckled with gravel from the layers put into it by the plows and the gravel trucks. You sort of always expected to be cold. Inside – outside – sometimes no matter the function of the furnace, you were just cold. I lived where windchills got to minus 100 degrees – especially before the sun was up. It just was what it was.

Now I live in the land of the rain.

And any mention of snow comes with a response where one would think that it was the end of times.

Yesterday, I had to go to the store as I had not had time during the week. I was there for over an hour – most of it was in line after I was able to get a basket then a cart. Nuthouse was a nice way to describe the craziness.

And when you saw the empty shelves, you would wonder if it was the end of days. No milk, no bread, no bananas. You’d think we were in for a low calcium, low potassium set of days with what was missing. Oh yeah, and low iron too given the run on kale. Though that may be a Pacific Northwest thing.

I bought beer.

And cat food. And bird seed. And ice cream. And a few regular things too – but I didn’t go crazy.

Today, to quote the foster kid, was boring. Fuck – give us all boring. A day to not have any obligations? Sold! I cleaned the house. I baked cookies. I got food ready for the youngest’s event tomorrow (assuming it isn’t cancelled). I made dinner (stew and homemade biscuits). I sort of nested while it was colder than usual outside – and I had a fire to keep the house warm. It has been nice.

I guess maybe I need nice. On top of all of the craziness over the past couple fo weeks, I think I am having my big first sign of menopause or perimenopause -or whatever it is classified as. I am over a week late for my period. I’d love to suspect I am pregnant, but that’s not possible. I have suspected a few more symptoms here and there but have not been 100% sure. Now I am.

Ironically I just purchased a book by a local doctor who is an expert on women, their hormones, and how food is medicine in its regards. Wish she wasn’t on sabbatical as I would love to go see and talk to her. He approach speaks to me. It is why I now take 5 different supplements each day. I’m learning.

This week, I completed two podcasts by fascinating people. The first was an interview with Bret Weinstein – an evolutionary biologist who spoke on a number of fascinating topics. One of my big takeaways was understanding what is hardware (DNA), firmware, and software in terms of how humans works. It is quite fascinating to learn about and hear the discussions as it relates to many different topics including politics.

The other podcast interviewed Dr Phil – of all people. I have heard him before and his unapologetic approach to advice giving. But this was a different view of why he is as he is, how he got there, and why he takes that approach. I went from feeling “eh” about him to being fascinated by him. Both interviews are part of Expert on Experts for Armchair Experts.

There was something Dr Phil said in his interview that may be the basis for a future post or two. Yeah, it made me think.

Each time I watch Lord of the Rings, I think about the trees in the park behind my house. A few have faces on them – or what I think are faces. Seeing them pull down the trees to burn makes me hope that’s if anyone tries to take down the trees in that part that they are met with resistance. What can I say – sometimes I hope fantasy can be reality.

Oh, and I find hobbits to be idiots in terms of thinking ahead. Trying to hide from the bad guys? Definitely start a fire and cook food as they will never know. Ugh!

Think with your heads not with your stomach. Lessons for the hobbits.

So that is my Saturday. More snow is supposed to happen again as is more ice and all. We shall see if it happens.


What do you think?

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