The Purge

Last weekend, it was the bedroom. I went through all of my clothes and tossed what I did not want into one of two bags: one headed to a thrift store and the other to the dump. Then I went through all of my shoes and did the same. Then I went through all of the books and did the same. Then through all of the storage bins.

When I was done, my clothes fit into three drawers, my books on one shelf, my stuff into two of the five storage boxes.

Yesterday, I moved onto the main bathroom. I went through everything in the medicine cabinet finding things in there that are as old as the kids. I went through another cabinet where all of the sheets and things were – and cleared out most of it. Five beds in the house, only one is a twin, yet most of the sheets were for the twin. Gone.

Then I cleaned everything – the windows, the window sills, the walls, the floors, the cobwebs, the sink. I pulled down the curtains to wash them as well. More stuff to the trash – more to a thrift store.

Then I went into the family room. We have, for most of our time here, had a shoe basket where all of the shoes go. I went through the basket, tossed about 2/3 of the shoes because they were ruined or too worn to keep – then forced everyone to put the kept shoes away.

I live in a home that is over 100 years old, so dust seems to be my constant enemy (especially since I am allergic to it). Cleaning the family room, I felt like I was removing years of dust off of everything – even though I know it has been closer to a month since I last did it. I had to dust everything – the clock, the x-box, the art, the walls, everything. Then when I completed dusting, I swept and vacuumed and mopped.

Today it was my office area on the landing upstairs. I filled two boxes and a bag with stuff for a thrift store while filling another with recycling and another with trash. I dusted, I organized, and I purged.

“Eliminate that which does not help you evolve”

That quotation is something that has been on my mind of late.

What helps me evolve?

Things? People? Ideas? I have a lot of things that are not helping me evolve.

Just feels good to start that purge.

What do you think?

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