Friday Feelz

  • G posted on Facebook this meme today, and I think it summarizes my week nicely: 
  • Last night, I had a frustrating conversation with my brother.  I needed someone to talk to – and in the situation, this was the best person…..or so I thought.  Pretty much I needed to vent – and I got a lecture.  Then he’s like “I probably am pissing you off.”  I’m like, yeah, because I started this with “I need to vent” and you have decided to make this all about how you feel about a situation you don’t know much about.  Pissed? Yeah, I am pissed.  I read something once that made a comment about how women are expected societally to do the heavy lifting emotionally for people.  How as a result, their feelings and all get pushed aside as the expectation is they address everyone else’s first.  And that was how I felt.  I needed to vent – I needed to, for a while, not having to first deal with other people’s feelings and situations first.  And what did I get? The exact thing that pissed me off in the first place.  So, as I explained to him, I spent my whole day triaging everyone else’s shit while I pushed aside my own feelings only to talk to someone who once again wants their own feelings validated while I pushed mine aside.  Needless to say, my only conclusion was a decision that I’ll be —> over there for a while. 
  • DJ comes home soon!!!!  In 1 day 14hrs and 16min as of the time of this writing.  Indigo has a countdown clock going. I miss that kid – but am incredibly proud of her.
  • This weekend, we will be starting to get ready for Christmas. It is too close, and we are so not ready. Weee.

What do you think?

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