5 Cars and Still Stranded

Ok, so maybe that title is misleading since 2 of the 5 cars are project cars for my husband. Both technically run – one has a transmission issue while the other was sitting too long resulting in the breaks being locked up. Three cars actually run on a more than dependable basis.

Except this morning.

My car has had some grinding occurring while starting it over the last couple of weeks. Inconsistent but occurring. Yesterday afternoon, it decided “no more” and will only grind and not start.

The oldest child’s car battery went kaput because we haven’t been driving it enough. After a couple of jump starts and lots of driving, it seemed to be in a better place. Nope. Dead again this morning which tells me it needs a new battery.

So that leaves one car working.

And me working from home since, as much as I would like to steal the working car, it probably isn’t a good idea given G had plans today.

I am really hoping that my car can get fixed today. I called the service center right when they opened – told them the make, model and year of my car and that I had a starter issues. Guy said he would check with the service manager to see if it could be fixed. Then came back saying they did not have an alternator in stock but would get one ordered ASAP. I told him that was interesting but how was their stock for starters. He tried to blow me off until I explained that I have power – I have battery – I have a car trying to start but the extreme grinding noise in the starter is making it hard for the engine to start. He mumbled something incoherent, and said they would expect my car.

If I didn’t know the service manager well and how good the place is in terms of their no-bullshit policy, I would be trying to find another mechanic. But thankfully, I know this guy just answers the phones.

I don’t expect work to be that busy today which is good. The downside is that my new boss and I were finally supposed to have our sit down talk today. I am hoping that it will easily be moved to another day. As much as I would like to have it today, it’s not happening if it is out by work. (I work 20 miles away from the house.)

Happy Boxing Day!

What do you think?

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