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First, let me start off the election day with something for you to read or listen to. I am a huge fan of Freakonomics. I took a class last year where I was required to read another one of their books in the series: Think Like a Freak – and I loved it. When I can, I catch their radio program Freakonomics Radio on NPR on the weekends – but I also subscribe to their podcasts for when I miss them.

Last week, they had an episode about Duopoly: "America’s Hidden Duopoly". Duopolies are similar to a monopoly except the industry or the market is controlled by two major players. Example: Coke and Pepsi. These two major players do everything they can to ensure they remain the two major players by driving out the competition and control the industry they are in by keeping the rules the same, disruptions out, etc.

A few years ago, a company owner partnered with a business expert to explore how to grow her business and find new opportunities. During their partnership, she was getting into politics – she believed in getting involved in the process. What she found is a system that was in place to protect itself – similar to what duopolies do. So they began exploring that angle about politics to decide "is our political system really broken?"

Go here to read the transcript or take a listen.

Why do I think this article is important?

  • It explores why the system is not broken.
  • It explores how the political parties do not want anything to change in how they operate..
  • It explores why neither party is interesting in wooing the centrists.
  • It explores their suggestions about how to shift the political system back into the hands of the people.

Go read. Even if you don’t 100% buy it, I think it has some good points in there to shift the way we look at the political problems we all feel we have.

Oh yeah – and go VOTE. Don’t let your frustrations get the better of you and make you think voting won’t matter. It does matter. Plus, as I put on Facebook last night, it is far more effective than posting shit on Facebook.

In other news, today is my Thursday. I cannot articulate how truly giddy I am about that.

Oh, and I was smart when I took this time off a few weeks ago. I also took Monday off as a recovery day. Score!

And to make today even better? Two of the people who drive me nutty are out of the office! It’s the little things.

Yesterday, a friend posted the most random vaguebooking status seeking sympathy. All I was left wondering was "what the hell happened" and "what the hell are you talking about exactly". I think someone he was close to died…..I think. I’m not 100% sure. And I’m not 100% sure what he was looking for from his friends online. I think sympathy – but was just left scratching my head. Part of me wants to message him and ask, but part of me wonders if that is his way of not reaching out to those who would help but instead getting them to do it. People are weird.

And speaking of weird, I got the strangest message on Fetlife yesterday. A guy – who, I think, cross dresses and is a switch giving me this story about how he discovered Fetlife after his wife died and he found it in email. How they had always talked about dabbling in maybe kink, but definitely swinging, but he think she would approve of me for the adventures he thinks he and his wife could have had if they actually went into BDSM and maybe swinging. So we should meet. Plus, he likes dressing people up and dressing up for people, and he can tell I’m down for that. Even recapping this leaves me making the WTF face. I mean, what the actual fuck?!? Did he think that was going to work?? And if so, on who??

What do you think?

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