To Exhale

It seemed fitting that I saw this after I returned today: 

I was clearly way past due for some good self care.  And I was WAY past due to have that time with SB.  Thankfully we were able to finally put something on the calendar for this past weekend.  Three days and three nights, sitting by the ocean, soaking in the energy while drinking way too much – and for me (in hindsight), not eating enough throughout the day.  There were whales playing.  The sun was shining.  The food was great.  The company was the best.  

I came home with a full heart, fueled back up – and ready to keep doing what I do.

I planned my return good too.  I gave myself a full extra day of vacation tomorrow.  I am easing my return.  I came home to an empty house for the rest of the day.  Only just in the last hour have a few people returned.

And me – sitting by the fire, sipping a wondering winter IPA, editing photos on my iPad, and watching a Harry Potter marathon on TV.  Hell, I am 100% caught up on the shows I DVR.  That rarely happens.  

As a total side note, if you are looking for something light hearted, uplifting, and just plain awesome – check out Amanda to the Rescue on Animal Planet.  About five years ago when we were considering adopting a dog after our yellow lab died, I discovered her rescue operation.  While our place was rarely a fit for the kinds of dogs she had, I fell in love with her unapologetic, no-nonsense ways.  She is heavily tattoo’d, bald, a former go-go dancer who can’t smoke pot, but loves to wear the iconic leaf print – and she and her family are awesome.  The show that follows her rescue just makes me love her even more.  Go check her out – you will feel your heart grow by just watching.   

Anyway, this weekend was a good weekend.  

I needed this weekend.

And I need to put more things like this on my calendar.  Even if it isn’t for as long – overnight or something.  Something that recharges the batteries and reconnects me to the things that power me up.

What do you think?

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