Rare Sunny Fall Day & Birds

Instead of staying inside and doing chores and all, we decided to go to the nature area home to many MANY different kinds of birds.  G got a new car a few months ago, and it was perfect for me to take photos – it’s a bit higher off the ground – big windows.  And the birds did not disappoint.
Northern Harrier flying around the field searching for something to eat.
Last of the fall colors
I am happy to see the wetlands returning in that place.  A couple months ago, there was pretty much no water for the water fowl.  
This is the thing that made me happiest today.  I noted on the whiteboard at the park entrance that people had spotted a great horned owl.  I noted where they saw it in hopes of seeing it.  Another person at the park described for us exactly where it was.  I have been to this park a hundred times or more – and had no freaking clue where he was talking about.  We noticed some cars stopped past where everything said the owl was located.  And boom – there it was.  
I took many MANY photos of the owl.  The sun was shining into the car in a way that made me unsure if I even was focused on the owl let alone if the photos would turn out.  We couldn’t tell if it had its back to us or facing us or what.  To say I was thrilled when I saw the shot all turned out is an understatement.  What a great way to end the weekend.

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