Friday Feelz

  1. Thursday morning, I popped open my facebook feed and saw my grandpa.  And I outwardly commented that he was my grandpa.  My brother is in the restaurant business and does an amazing job connecting things to non-profits.  I saw my grandpa because he decided to use his image for a veteran’s day fundraiser he is doing.  But honestly, seeing his smiling face …..well, it made me miss him even more than I already do.  Funny how 28 years can go by, and you can still miss someone.
  2. I am trying to exhale from all of the stress.  This past weekend was good but stressed me the fuck out.  Good to see my parents, but I was frustrated they did not get the issues my foster kid is having with things like domestic violence, gang violence, and other things that, well, kids shouldn’t have to get.  After spending the weekend on edge, then getting a migraine, then going to a stressful job where I’m trying to be….uhm, not stressed…..well, I just need a fucking break.  I am hoping I get it. 
  3. Next week, I have a 3 day work week.  And I am fucking thrilled.  Why? Because for three of those days I do not work, I spend at the coast with SB.  I am beyond ready.  BEYOND. Relaxation, cuddles, and just all of the good fucking energy. Yeah, I cannot wait!!
  4. Grateful for the dishwasher – fuck…..I cannot count the times I come home, load the dishwasher and feel a sense of relief that there will be clean dishes soon.  Downside? Apparently I am the only one who knows how to run it.  Yeah, there will be lessons soon.
  5. This one is a bit heavier, but I am grateful for the connection and partnership we have to keep the foster kid on track.  I love that when we notice patterns, that everyone jumps into action to give him the support he needs…..because the kid needs support.  My only regret is that I am now seeing things that others needed and, at the time, I did not realize it.  All of it is a learning curve, but still.  You never want to look back and realize you left someone behind.  

What do you think?

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