The Pull.

I could feel their energy from across the room. I had paused in my photo taking to scan the room when I spotted them.  They were sitting together – alone – their bodies wrapped around each other. 

Yeah, that was where I was feeling it coming from, was what I thought upon seeing them.

I wandered around as is my usual way and continued to take photos. 

But every time I came to the same part of the room, I could feel their pull. I had to look over to see what was causing the energy to rise so much over there. 

And I would find them the same way – hand up the dress – her hand on his crotch.  He was protectively surveying the room while she was higher than a damn kite. Her energy – their energy – was off the fucking chart. They drew more attention than the people doing scenes.

That was how the night was until very late.  I wondered at one point how new things were for them.  Was this NRE or was this something being sustained? Was this the first time having this experience of witnessing others? Or was it something that fed them? 

When I looked over at one point, I could tell they were in their own space – they were not with us, but in their own bubble.  And I started noticing that I wasn’t the only person noticing them. 

They weren’t doing anything over the top or anything you would expect to want to see.  It was the energy that accompanied there small erotic act.  To see the intimacy and to feel their intimacy was intoxicating.  

It was really no surprise they kept pulling people’s attention away from the big kinky “acts” – you feel made everyone want to see.

What do you think?

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