I don’t get them often, but Sunday night through Monday night, I had a horrible migraine.

It was funny because all day Sunday – after I returned from my 3-hr drive, I had people commenting – asking if I was OK.  “Oh yeah” I would say because I felt fine.  Little congested – small headache – I must have run into something while out of town that I was allergic to.  No big deal.

Don’t get sick, they all said.

Then I woke up Monday feeling horrible.  My eyes felt crossed – my body wanted to sleep in a dark room in hopes of feeling better.  I slept most of Monday away.  And went to sleep early Monday night.  Then slept until 10am today.

After I woke up today, I felt like the fog had lifted.  I wasn’t 100% but it was MUCH better.  I felt like I could be in a room with light.  I could look at a screen.  I could actually do shit.  

I’m not stupid. I know it is all stress related.  This weekend was stressful for me.  My parents ignored all of what I asked them to avoid with the foster kid – and dove right into it all.  Needless to say, it was ugly for me.  And stressful.  And made me unable to sleep and all while there given I was in protective momma bear mode with the kid.

Toss into the mix the stress from other things including work – and I guess it was a recipe for a migraine.

I am happy it is gone.

Here’s hoping it stays that way.

What do you think?

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